Kate Delgado

The Isola story began in Montego Bay, Jamaica, when Kate moved there with her husband and 10-month-old daughter. Committed to a “clean,” healthy lifestyle, she was instantly smitten with the island’s bounty of locally-grown organic fruits and vegetables, and began brewing tea made from the lemongrass plant in her backyard.

 This new island life also gave Kate the opportunity to spend quality time with her mother-in-law who also happened to own her own local spa on the island. One afternoon her mother-in-law shared her secret family recipe for a coffee and sugar exfoliating scrub, and the Isola seed was planted—unbeknownst to Kate.

 Kate started exploring the island, sourcing natural ingredients that would enhance the scrub's formula. Within a few months she knew she got it just right—and major hotel spas began selling it and using it in their treatments.

 When Kate’s family grew by one more with the birth of their son, they moved back to Florida, and she officially launched Isola’s body scrubs in 2012. After receiving rave reviews from customers and bloggers alike she knew she needed to create more products. The beauty line grew, as well as the launch of isola’s lifestyle line of beach bags. Kate continues to oversee Isola’s product development and creative efforts, always with the island-spa concept in her mind.


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