Osvali Van Romondt

An island girl who was born and raised in Aruba, says that Isola’s Vanilla + Coffee Body Scrub literally changed her life. With an MBA in finance and a career as a forensic accountant, Osvali decided to leave this fast-paced world behind once her first daughter was born. Their family then relocated to Aruba for two years before returning to Miami upon the arrival of their second daughter. Osvali and Kate had been friends for years before collaborating on Isola.  They met through mutual friends and went on group family vacations regularly. Osvali always knew she wanted to go back to work eventually. One time, while vacationing in Jamaica with their families, Osvali approached Kate to collaborate on a project. It was only a matter of time that they decided to join forces.

 Once Kate introduced Osvali to Isola’s signature scrub, she knew she had found her new path and joined the team without hesitation. Osvali’s business acumen has been key for managing the day-to-day logistics and expanding the brand—and her commitment to clean, chemical-free living reinforces Isola’s philosophy with every decision she makes.

 Osvali oversees marketing, operations and business development, but the kids always come first. She and her family enjoy traveling and getting to know different places and their cultures. Being the creative person that she is, she draws inspiration from her travels.

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