Issue No. 1 - The Minimalist Movement

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Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported isola throughout the years. For those who are new here, I would like to take this time, as the new year begins, to introduce myself. I am the owner, founder and creator of isola. Isola means "island" and it was while living in Jamaica that I started my journey of creating clean, vegan products. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important to me, especially after having kids. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite brands, hacks and lifestyle choices with you for 2021. Here is volume 1 - Happy New Year!

The Minimalist Movement

Hello 2021, hello to positive energy, health and zen.

For the last 24 hours, I have seen more memes about leaving 2020 behind and how 2021 is going to be so much better. That's a great thought, a happy one - one that is easy to digest and fun to toss around social media. But that is not how change happens. We are long past the days of "I Dream of Genie" where we thought we could blink our eyes and change the scene. In order for change to happen, you actually have to make the change happen. So what does that mean for you?

If you want good health, you can't sit around depending on the news to save you - you have to put in the work. I call it the Minimalist Movement because although it might seem like a lot, it will actually help simplify your life.

Social Media For Good: Try following some functional medicine accounts on Instagram - they give a lot of free advice and recommendations on ways to reduce inflammation in your body through foods, movement and supplements. This can help you feel your best through these times. I love and @organic_olivia on Instagram.

Home Work: If you want to organize your home and find your zen, light a (non-toxic) candle and check out The Home Edit on Netflix - you won't be sorry. Having an organized home can bring so much peace and relaxation to your life you never knew was possible. You won't believe how much joy The Container Store can bring you.

Ditch & Switch: If you want to make changes in your skincare routine as well as the household cleaners you use, consider swapping out toxic chemicals found in many products for simple, non-toxic brands (like Isola), You can google the top hormone disrupting chemicals (found in makeup, skincare and household cleaners) and do your best to swap those brands out for cleaner choices. My favorite "all-in-one" household brand is Branch Basics which gets delivered right to your door.

Can you make these changes? Maybe not all at once and that is ok. Start small, start somewhere. By the end of 2021, if you are following some functional medicine accounts, have organized your living space and swapped out toxic brands for cleaner ones, you will have accomplished the Minimalist Movement and it will feel so good!

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