Issue No. 9 - 'Tis the Season

Posted by Kate Delgado on

December, you suddenly arrive and often times we aren’t prepared for you yet but then we never want you to leave.  You try your best to bring joy to everyone. Even in the cold, you are capable of warming hearts and souls around the globe.  

It feels like no matter what religion you are or what you celebrate, the Christmas songs that play on the radio throughout the month are nostalgic. Even though we will hear the same songs over and over and over again, we get upset when they end. And what about the holiday movies? It feels like we wait all year for them to come as if we’ve never seen them before (but yes we’ve seen them all 100 times) and still we can’t wait to snuggle up and watch them all over again. 

December is the time of gift giving. So many presents are bought and so, so much money is spent. No one loves giving gifts more than I do - I literally live for it. Finding the perfect gifts for the ones you love is everything! 

This December, please consider a few things. 

1) Shop small when possible. 

2) Think about those less fortunate. 

3) Teach your children or any children in your life that getting presents, watching movies and feeling the joy of the holidays is a privilege. 

4) Consider buying a gift or two for someone who doesn’t get any (if you can).

Happy Holidays and I truly hope this is a MAGICAL month for everyone. 

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