Issue No. 12 - A Decade of Isola

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10 Years / 1 Decade / 3,652 Days and countless hours since we launched Isola. 
At times it feels like yesterday that I came up with the idea to sell a Body Scrub from a family recipe that originated in Jamaica and other times it feels like forever ago. I remember very clearly sitting in our apartment with a 2-year-old and a newborn and dreaming about starting my own company with this one product I had. And so, I did. It wasn't anything proper or even organized. I sat at the computer in-between feedings and nap time and created stickers for the scrub jars. I would make the Body Scrub in my kitchen, put it in the jar, throw the sticker on, and wait for a sale. 
I remember being out to dinner with some friends when I heard  the chime of a cash register go off on my phone. I immediately glanced over and saw a sale. A SALE! I couldn't believe I had a sale on my very basic, boring website that hosted ONE product. So, I quickly looked at who my first customer was, and it was one of my best friends. I giggled. While I didn't have a real customer who found my product on their own, I did have a customer and I made sure to send out her order the very next day! 
Isola began to grow by word of mouth.  I started doing small holiday boutiques and saving money. I decided to launch another scent of the Body Scrub then added a Lotion, followed by a Hand Cream and eventually created a line of Body Oils which gave the brand more excitement and before we knew it, Isola was beginning to make a name for itself around town. 
There is a very long, detailed and exciting timeline that took place from that day in my apartment when I dreamt up this business until now, 10 years later. But if I shared everything with you, you would be reading a novel, not a newsletter so I will leave you with this - THANK YOU! I thank each and every one of you for following us and loving us throughout this journey. Without any of you, my dream would have only been a dream and not a reality.



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