Issue No. 10 - New Beginnings

Posted by Kate Delgado on

New Beginnings

I think we can all agree that the last couple of years have looked and felt very different. Time seems to be flying by while standing still at the same time. It feels like we are in a never ending mini series - kind of like a show that is supposed to end but keeps getting renewed. 

Covid has not been easy. All of us have had to face it one way or another. Many decisions have crossed us that we never saw coming. Trips, family gatherings, playdates, sports, jobs and getting together with friends has felt uncertain and even scary at times. 

My family and I had Covid over the summer - that dreaded Delta variant. I had to take zoom calls with a smile on my face and a burst of energy in my eyes but inside I was so exhausted. Throughout the year, my kids were in and out of school, going from playdates one week to laying low the next and multiple PCR tests with lines that were hours long just so we could see family. I know that everyone reading this has their own story and version of how Covid has affected them and their family and friends. This was ours. Our 2021 was high and low and like all the memes going around - it felt like 2020 was nothing different.  It has been 2 years wrapped into 1 blur. 

What we did do and continue to do is pretty much the ONLY thing we have control over - and that is our personal health. We, as a family, take vitamins and supplements throughout the year, every year.  When we had Covid, we stepped it up! Exercise, sweating and moving daily is non-negotiable in our house. Direct sunlight (yes without chemical sunblocks) is something we try to get daily. And of course, eating as clean as we can and incorporating a plant based diet (with some fish and eggs) has helped tremendously. 

Using clean skincare, household products and being aware of your environmental toxins is equally important. 

Everyone's journey is different. Pick a path that works for you and set intentions for 2022 to become the best version of yourself. Change is uncomfortable and it is not easy but it is possible and rewarding!  Wishing you all a really great 2022. 



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