Issue No. 8 - Thankful

Posted by Kate Delgado on

November is notorious as the month where we dig just a little deeper into our "thankful" bank. Well on Black Friday weekend we also dig into our money bank but let's focus on what it means to be thankful. We all know that this is something we should be concentrating on all year but if we can do it just a bit extra now, great!

When asked "what are you thankful for?" I am going to guess that 99% of the time,  the answers are "my family, my friends, my home, my pets, my health etc."  And um yeahhhh those are all truly the most important things to be thankful for. But sometimes those answers (while true) become just words because we say it every year and half the time we aren't even focused on what that actually means to us - it's almost like a routine answer. 

So last year when someone asked me at a family dinner, I really thought about it and one of my answers was "my bed." I love my bed! My bed saved my back from years of horseback riding. My bed is the last place I go at night and the first place I am in the morning. My bed allows me to rest my body and rejuvenate after long, long days. I have laughed, cried, snuggled, watched movies, read books, connected with friends and family via the phone, wrote in journals and so much my bed. So this year, challenge yourself to really think about something that maybe you haven't said in the past that you are really thankful for. The appreciation that comes along with thinking outside of the box (and with purpose) goes a long way. 

I am also thankful, every single day, for each of you who supports Isola by buying, using and gifting the products and helping to build and grow the brand. I am truly grateful for all of you - thank you. 

What are you thankful for? 



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