Issue No. 7 - Fall in Love

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Fall in Love

It seems that everyone across the country (except those in Florida like me) are dusting off their sweaters and running to get Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Halloween decorations have hit the stores and you can literally smell Pumpkin and Cinnamon everywhere you go. Ahhh it’s the start of the holidays - a time to cozy up at home and snuggle into the season. 

One thing we tend to forget about, or become lazy with, is our bodies. Both internally and externally. As soon as bathing suit season is over and comfy sweaters and sweatshirts come out, it seems more comfort food is consumed. And while everything in moderation is great, this season is a tough one for many. We also start to neglect our skin because well, does anyone really see it under our clothes anyway? So our skincare routines become scarce. The problem with this is that, over time, our skin will see the effects of this. Think of it like smoking cigarettes but only for half of the year. It’s still likely going to have a negative impact on your health one day. 

I encourage you all to fall in love with your skin. Take care of it every day. The same way you brush your teeth everyday or do your facial routine everyday. Your hands, arms, chest, legs (and yes, your tush) are no exception. 

Using a Body Scrub 3 times a week in the shower followed by a good Body Lotion or Body Oil will do wonders for your summer bodies IF you continue the regimen all year. 

Thank you for being here and sending smooth vibes your way.



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