Issue No. 6 - Summer Scents

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Summer Scents
July feels like the epitome of Summer. Schools are out across the country, summer camps have started up, lakes are open, beaches are packed, fireworks will be lighting up the sky and the days seem to last forever. 
For me, summer is one of my busiest seasons because everyone wants their skin to look perfect which means, more demand for products such as Body Scrubs and anything to help keep your skin smooth and shimmering. We actually have two very busy seasons which are summer and winter because in the winter our skin craves hydration and in the summer we simply want to look our best. 
I began isola for many reasons but one of them was because the look and feel of my skin was very important to me. For the same reasons you wouldn’t go to a party or work event without brushing your teeth or using deodorant (make sure it’s non toxic,) I felt it was equally important that I also didn’t go anywhere without using a body scrub followed by a moisturizer. 
I have different faves for different seasons and even different times of the day. My summer go-to consists of using the Lemongrass + Coffee Body Scrub three times a week and depending on the time of day, I will either follow it by using the Sage + Pineapple Body Oil (day time) or the Tobacco + Musk Body Oil (night time.) Or, if I have nowhere to go and I just want to keep my routine up, I will use the Vanilla + Anise Body Lotion in place of the Body Oils
Fun fact: the Four Seasons in Palm Beach has a treatment where they combine the Lemongrass + Coffee Body Scrub with the Tobacco + Musk Body Oil. 
Whatever your plans are this summer, make sure to show off your beautiful skin! 

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