Issue No. 5 - Father's Day

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Father's Day

Isola was founded by myself and my mother in law – two women entrepreneurs who knew exactly what women wanted and needed for their skin. After all, we have been taught since we were little girls to take care of our skin, indulge in massages, pedicures, facials and so on. It’s just a “girl thing” right? Well yes, that might be true for many and most of us do love and enjoy pampering ourselves, investing in our skin, following accounts on Instagram geared around skincare and spending the money in this space but what about the guys? Society has deemed boys and men of all ages to be “soft” or “pretty boys” if they enter into our space. They should be on the fields, playing sports, getting dirty and fixing things around the house. Well, sure that’s great but does that mean we can’t coexist in this arena? Can’t girls play sports and get dirty while also enjoying a day at the spa and can’t men do the same?

After thinking about this, we decided to make products that were unisex and appealing to both men and women, but many don’t know this or think about it. For Father’s Day, skincare or spa ads likely aren’t coming up on your social media or blasting your inbox but perhaps you will find ads for grilling, sports or ballpoint pens for Father’s Day.

While all of our products can be used by any and all, we carefully created a few with men in mind: Bourbon + Amber Body Oil, Tobacco + Musk Body Oil and Coffee + Vanilla Body Scrub.

Skin is skin. It doesn’t care what sex you are. We should all be taking care of it.

Wishing all the amazing dads, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends and neighbors who play a role in raising our children. We need you - THEY need you!



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