Issue No. 4 - Moving into Summer

Posted by Kate Delgado on

Moving into Summer
Summer is days away. Shorts, tank tops and maybe even bathing suits are making their appearances. You wake up one morning and realize that you need to get yourself together. Have you been working out, moving and sweating all year or do you need to start now?
Summer seems to be the time when those who haven't been exercising all year suddenly want to. Wearing less clothes (due to warm weather) is like a wake up call to get your body moving and in shape. You will even hear people say, "Are you  summer ready?" or "Are you beach ready?" These terms should not put pressure on you to look a certain way for anyone else. But it is a reminder to do it for YOURSELF.
Exercise not only improves your physique but it dramatically improves your overall well being. Moving and sweating helps your body to detox, improves your mental state, promotes good sleep and even helps to promote your beautiful body.
Let's move into summer together. Start small, finish big. Set goals. Try using isola's Body Scrubs made with coffee to help tighten your skin and exfoliate dead skin cells for a summer glow.
Embrace the heat. Sweating has never felt so good!

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